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  • Leading Financial Institution Defers Storage System Upgrade

    By | August 22, 2016 in Learn

    At PrimaryIO, one of the many things we aspire to do is to help our customers realize the full value of their existing investment in storage systems. With technology often becoming obsolete even before it is introduced, and vendors touting All-Flash arrays as the the panacea for data storage performance problems, resisting the urge to…

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  • Decoupling storage capacity from performance

    By | July 25, 2016 in Learn

    ACME Widgets has a storage performance problem ACME Widget’s data center setup (2 EMC arrays – 800 x 24 10K SAS per array – RAID 6 – 600 GB Fast Cache per array) gives them 16K IOPS. But their requirements are rapidly growing and ACME’s sys admin is facing increasing pressure to deliver quality services…

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