Hard Disk Trends

By | September 29, 2015 in Learn

Hard disk storage has shown remarkable increase in capacity in the last two decades, from a few megabytes to a few terabytes, while the device itself has remained roughly the same size. But will the same pace continue? Or is the venerable ‘Winchester’ ready for retirement? This article explores these questions. Hard Disks, since the…

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Virtual Data Services With PrimaryIO

By | August 31, 2015 in Learn

Introducing PrimaryIO APA for VMware. PrimaryIO APA for VMware is a storage optimisation software designed using VMware’s VAIO framework. Applications like Databases, File Servers and VDI can benefit from PrimaryIO APA for VMware. These applications running on SAN/NAS environments will see vastly improved performance levels due to the effects of IO optimisation. The high level…

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3 reasons to visit PrimaryIO at VMworld 2015 US

By | August 24, 2015 in Learn

We are at Booth #2615 1. Kick the tires of a brand new technology in action – product demo of PrimaryIO APA. VMware’s Virtual Data Services VAIO platform will be available in the next ESX update. The technology allows IO optimization software to work natively within ESX environments delivering services like caching and replication. VAIO allows…

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Evaluator Group Releases PrimaryIO Lab Validation Report

By | August 13, 2015 in Learn

According to Evaluator Group, ensuring that critical applications perform well is a significant consideration for IT organizations of all sizes.  In choosing the best approach for application optimization, there are several considerations.  A key aspect is the cost effectiveness of the solution, as well as ease of implementation and use.  The ability to deploy new…

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Four different strategies to accelerate application IO performance – Which is right for you?

By | July 3, 2015 in Learn

Storage I/O Performance plays a significant role in determining overall application end user response times and perceived user latency. Enormous growth in unstructured data, spurred by the evolution of various applications and newer application architectures for consolidated, virtualized, cloud scale data center infrastructures, have completely changed I/O workload patterns. These IOPS demanding workloads are no…

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