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  • NVM Trends: Phase Change Memory

    By | November 24, 2016 in Learn

    In the previous post, we learned how 3D NAND increased the areal density of Flash memory by employing geometrical, structural and material based innovations. As a result, it is 10x denser and 1000x faster than traditional NAND. However, it is uncertain if we can continue pushing the limits of NAND Flash. The obstacles are not…

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  • Non Volatile Memory Trends: 3D NAND

    By | October 13, 2016 in Learn

    This is the second post in a series on Non-Volatile Memory Trends. In the previous post, we prepared a foundation by explaining the basics of Non-Volatile Memory and asked an important question: will Moore’s law continue to hold true for Flash Memory areal densities for another decade? One cannot be sure, but certain innovations seem…

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