PrimaryIO Hybrid Cloud Data Management — HDM — technology enables customers to retain control over data whilst taking advantage of AWS cloud in a numberĀ  of use cases. The HDM technology is based on a deep understanding and profiling of application behavior at a working set level to enable customers to migrate workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS. This enables a range of use cases for customers to leverage the capacity and capabilities of the AWS cloud, while retaining their current storage investments for their persistent data.

With the HDM technology, use cases such as: rapid-reversible lift and shift, cloud bursting and test-and-dev will not only be secure but also quicker to implement.




Cost being a top enterprise concern, HDM enables enterprises to achieve optimal data center and cloud foot prints. With HDM, enterprises can consolidate on premise infrastructure and use the cloud for on-demand burst capacity.

HDM provides the agility required to migrate workloads between on-premise and cloud with ease. On premise workloads can be migrated to the cloud and repatriated back to the on premise infrastructure within minutes without having to wait for large scale data transfers.

Security and compliance are addressed directly by HDM by limiting the amount of data exposure in addition to providing strong controls around application data encryption. GDPR will affect the ways in which public clouds can be utilized by enterprises.


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