Hybrid Cloud Data Management (HDM)



PrimaryIO’s HDM technology decouples compute and storage to seamlessly move workloads to and from the cloud rapidly and lets you fully control data.

HDM provides workload mobility and data control with a combination of innovative technologies: cloud cache, cloud storage gateway, and an integrated smart IO analyzer.

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The HDM solution is based on three simple steps.

1 Analysis: A smart IO analyzer transparently monitors virtual machine-to-datastore access patterns to identify frequently accessed data (hot set) and provide recommendations.

2 Flex: HDM storage gateways moves only the hot data to the cloud and maintains a secure connectivity to the persistent on-premises datastore.

3 Intelligent caching: HDM’s dynamic and secure cloud cache helps to rapidly spin up instances in the cloud.

HDM integrates into VMware vCenter as a plug-in and all operations are transparently handled without impacting applications.

HDM unlocks many use cases that were previously cost-prohibitive:

• Try Before Commit: Rapid cloud testing for risk free migrations
• Agile Migration: Agility to rapidly lift and shift workloads or rollback at will
• Cloud Extension: Leverage cloud for the seasonal demand


HDM Overview

HDM Try Before Commit

HDM Agile Migration

HDM Hybrid Dev/Test

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