Database applications such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MongoDB and MySQL are susceptible to I/O bottlenecks inherent with traditional hard-drive based storage systems, where slow reads and writes can negatively impact the time it takes to process transactions. A common solution is to leverage server-side flash caching software to accelerate I/O but these solutions have many drawbacks. Since they are not application aware, they write more data than is necessary resulting in inefficient flash utilization and jittery performance.

PrimaryIO offers a new-age approach to Application Performance Acceleration (APA) that is modular and offers many flexible deployment options. The PrimaryIO APA technology solves the limitations imposed by traditional solutions by intelligently and dynamically writing only the most relevant transaction data to maximize application performance and minimize expensive flash usage. APA is an application tier plug-in that integrates tightly with Tier 1 databases whether deployed on bare metal or virtualized servers. It identifies component I/O blocks such as tables, collections and indexes in the primary I/O stream that are important to tuning the performance of a data store. The APA intelligently caches only the information that will result in higher performance. Whether your datacenter is already pure flash or has a mix of hard disks and flash, PrimaryIO’s software technology can help you redefine your approach to application performance acceleration.