PrimaryIO announces

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service for
Continuous Data Protection of VMware Workloads

Are you Cloud-committed without having migrated?

Is NSX-T your next destination?

We’ve built an offering with you in mind.  We have a tech-enabled service to help you move your virtual machines to NSX‐T in the cloud.

The Cloud Journey
Is Data Holding You Back?

Cloud Unknowns

Not easy to test workloads

Data Gravity

Large, immovable data


Workload Mobility

Too difficult to get in and out


Data Policy

Go Cloud Faster…

Hybrid Cloud Data Management (HDM)
A data-centric approach for Cloud Mobility

How HDM Works?

1. Analyze

    • Transparent to applications
    • Identify frequently accessed data (hot data)
    • Provides recommendations

2. Flex

    • Only moves hot data securely to the cloud
    • Data movement policy control
    • Rollback at will

3. Cache

    • Intelligent cloud caching
    • Minimized data footprint on cloud
    • Policy based sync to persistent datastore

PrimaryIO’s Unique Approach

Traditional Approach

Today moving to the cloud is a one-way journey, and needs full data replication. But with a traditional approach losing data control is a big problem.

PrimaryIO's Approach

HDM has built-in smarts to identify frequently accessed data (hot data) to get workloads up and running quickly in the cloud with rollback option.

Use Cases that Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Try Before Commit

Quickly test drive the cloud?

Try Before Commit

Easily test workloads in cloud with production data.

Agile Migration

Rapidly migrate workloads and rollback?

Agile Migration

Fast non-disruptive workload migration and rollback at will.

Cloud Extension

Leverage cloud for seasonal workloads?

Cloud Extension

Right size on-premise and leverage cloud for spikes.

PrimaryIO’s HDM Benefits


Workload Mobility

Quickly move workloads to cloud (in minutes, not weeks) to improve agility

Data Control

Retention of persistent data control for avoiding vendor lock-in

Security and Compliance

Data movement policy and encryption to reduce risks

TCO Optimization

No costly data replication to the cloud, and reduction in cloud storage and cloud egress costs

Built-in Intelligence

The PIO Analyzer is a non-intrusive way to monitor data I/O access patters to provide granular visibility, insights and recommendations.




Seamless Integration into VMware vCenter

Complements VMware Solutions For:
  • Quick cloud testing and rapid migrations
  • Workload mobility for large, previously immovable data
  • Leverage cloud for temporary use without moving full data

About Us

PrimaryIO is a Silicon Valley-based software and services company. Our mission is to enable your enterprise to leverage the best of the public cloud for business agility while reducing TCO by adopting a data-centric, hybrid, multi-cloud approach.

Our vision is to build enterprise software for the entire data lifecycle providing your company with data control for workload mobility, accessibility, compliance, and security. PrimaryIO software solutions currently include cloud performance enhancing applications, cloud migration facilitation as well as disaster and cyber recovery.  All these solutions extend the data center to the public alternatives.

Our Expertise

  • Storage 90% 90%
  • Virtualization 80% 80%
  • Cloud & Networking 96% 96%
  • Enterprise Software 80% 80%

Team Members

PrimaryIO’s founders and leaders come from a well-known group of storage and enterprise organizations, such as Virident Systems, Veritas, NetApp, HP, Intel and sTec, Inc. Our core software development team benefits from an extensive background in storage and cluster file systems dating back to their days in Veritas. This experience has provided them with a unique perspective on storage software architecture and application performance, both of which are central to PrimaryIO’s technology leadership.

Lorenzo Salhi

Lorenzo Salhi

Founder & CEO

Mike Kail

Mike Kail

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Andy Soanes

Andy Soanes

Field CTO, Head of Worldwide Delivery

Julian Henkin

Julian Henkin

Client eXperience Officer (CXO)

Marcus Bauer

Marcus Bauer

VP of Technology Solutions & Services

Kumar Ganapathy

Kumar Ganapathy

Board Advisor

Vijay Karamcheti

Vijay Karamcheti

Technical Advisor

Sam Nemazie

Sam Nemazie

Director, Board of Directors

Petro Estakhri

Petro Estakhri

Executive Chairman

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