Cloud-native Ransomware Recovery as-a-Service (RRaaS) for VMware Workloads

Protection for VMware workloads leveraging IBM Cloud “Object Lock” feature for immutability


Many IT organizations feel under-protected… and most are.

If you need more than a snapshot-based back-up technology as a ransomware option, go cloud-native with RecoverIO – True RRaaS!

We’ve built RecoverIO with ONLY VMware Workloads in mind.

Cloud-native Ransomware Recovery
Intelligent design with layered RRaaS on ProtectIO

Object Lock

Immutable Cloud Object Storage
Object Lock

IBM Cloud Object Storage – drastically lower cost than file storage, such as NFS, offers a bucket object lock feature enabling a Write-once Read-many option (WORM) that keeps a secure uncorruptible version of a VMware workload.  The retention term is set in the ProtectIO/RecoverIO SaaS-delivered UI.

ICCR Integration

IBM Cloud Cyber Recovery Integration

RecoverIO fails over into IBM’s airgapped cyber recovery environment where tools and specialists can ensure a selected date and time data set is clean of any encryption or dormant malicious code.  Upon cleansing, business can resume as the VMs can be failed back either into the ProtectIO DR environment or the Primary/Production environment.

Optimized TCO

Cost Managed with Cloud Object Storage
Low-cost COS

All ransomware recovery solutions require storage capacity that increases proportionally with the length of time supported by the retention policy.  At a cost of storage of 1/10th the cost of file/block storage, it makes a world of difference to utilize IBM Cloud Object Storage. 

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