VMware and IBM Cloud-native Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Protection for primary site VMware data and workloads leveraging IBM Cloud Object Storage and IBM Cloud Classic or IBM VPC for the DR site


Many IT organizations feel under-protected… and most are.

If you want more than a back-up technology  rejiggered  for DR, then go native with PrimaryIO’s ProtectIO!

We’ve built an offering with VMware sites in mind.

Cloud-native Disaster Recovery
Our design elegance carries benefits 


Continuous Data Protection
Continuous Data Protection

Near zero-seconds Recovery Time Objective (RTO). NO virtual disk snapshots! Instead, ProtectIO utilizes native VMware APIs via the VAIO I/O replication filter.  Each I/O block is evaluated and changed blocks are immediately transported to the IBM VPC DR cloud site, leveraging IBM Cloud Object Storage.  The benefit is Continuous Data Protection for VMware workloads.


Block Stream Protocol
Block Stream Protocol

Only changed blocks are replicated into the DR site.  Data is moved via an efficient, proprietary, secure protocol that ensures full data integrity.  With only the changed blocks being streamed, bandwidth requirements are lessened and no virtual disk data gaps occur.  Rotating older disk images off of storage as they are replaced by newer full-disk images is a thing of the past.


Total Cost of Ownership
Total Cost of Ownership

Unlike older technologies, ProtectIO VMs don’t need to be up and running 24 x 7.  This dramatically reduces the ongoing cloud costs.    ProtectIO is a simple end-user manageable application.  A managed service provider cost is no longer an essential ingredient of a DR solution.  And, because your DR site costs are directly with IBM, there is no middleman marking up costs.


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