Tailored, rapid, high-focus service for VMware NSX-V to IBM Cloud-resident NSX‑T

HDM Cloud Connect NSX‑V to NSX‑T
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HDM Cloud Connect NSX‑V to NSX-T

“Fasttrack” NSX-V to NSX-T tailored service quickly defines and builds the necessary underpinnings for a successful migration of VMware workloads to IBM Cloud.  A rapid, multi-phased project connects IBM Cloud-destined client’s current environment to their NSX-T target environment. 



This service is designed to be immediately followed with PrimaryIO’s Workload Migrator service, completing the NSX-T migration.

Most VMware V-sphere customers are having to chart their one-time path from VMware’s NSX-V to NSX‑T, due to end of General Support status.  PrimaryIO applies a module-oriented methodology, each module with specific steps and deliverables.  The module-organized project plans assist the identification and management of all the required activities and changes.  This diligent and transparent project management results in a successful NSX-T implementation that is receptive to subsequent workloads migrations.  This infrastructure, network and VMware implementation is a complex project comprised of a lengthy sequence of disparate activities and technologies.  Organizations routinely take up to eight calendar months to complete; this coupled with a lack of clarity and predictability with regard to resources, time, bill-of-materials and ultimately, cost is a challenge for any organization.   In contrast, combining PrimaryIO’s HDM Cloud Connect NSX‑T to NSX‑V service with our HDM VMware Workload Migrator service (separate offering), comprises a complete turnkey service.  Together, these two offerings deliver a complete end-to-end service to bring an organization from an unsupported NSX-V environment to an NSX‑T IBM Cloud resident environment – including all workload migrations. 6 month projects are reduced to a rapid 10-week delivery.

NSX-V to T Solution Brief

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Get It Done With PrimaryIO

PrimaryIO is the select partner of IBM due to a best-of-breed application of software and service to the broad market need to be cloud resident.  PrimaryIO works both independently and in conjunction with IBM resources, such as Expert Labs.


Rapid migrations

Combining software and experience, PrimaryIO is able to complete migration projects in WEEKS versus months.


Transparency throughout the process coupled with the expertise to offer fixed price contracts enables stakeholders to be able to count on both the project duration and its cost.

Reduced Cost

Primary IO is able to offer a low-cost service due to the reduced calendar time and resources necessary to be applied.

Complementary PrimaryIO product completing workload migrations to IBM Cloud, NSX‑T:

HDM VMware Workload Migrator

Migrator is a tech-enabled service that performs the data migration and workload validation in the destination WMware NSX-T environment.


How to buy HDM Cloud Connect for NSX-V to NSX‑T

  1. Don’t hesitate
    • At any point along the way, reach out to PrimaryIO via our contact form to facilitate your purchase process.
  2. Head to the catalog
    • Ultimately, procurement will occur via the IBM Cloud Catalog, through which PrimaryIO products are sold.
  3. Two to choose from
    • Familiarize yourself with the two interrelated VMware to IBM Cloud oriented products
    • A project with the ultimate goal of providing a VMware environment with IBM Cloud-resident workloads managed by NSX-T requires the PrimaryIO HDM Cloud Connect NSX-V to NSX-T (or equivalent) purchase BEFORE the Migrator product.


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