Hybrid Cloud Data Management 2.1 for VMware Cloud Director
Quick Start Guide

Downloading PrimaryIO Hybrid Cloud Data Management

Thank you for deciding to use PrimaryIO Hybrid Cloud Data Management. To get your license and download link for Hybrid Cloud Data Management, click on the link below.

You will receive an email with:

  • A link to download the PrimaryIO Hybrid Cloud Data Management software
  • A link to training videos
  • The license key for the software

To proceed with the installation, follow these steps.


Deploy PIO Appliance

  • Unzip the file HDM_2.1.zip from the download link
  • Deploy the appliance using the vCenter UI


  • Perform the step as directed by the UI.
  • Please refer to the Hybrid Cloud Data Management Installation Guide section “Network Configuration for the Appliance” for details on the network configuration.


Add On-Prem vCenter

With the Appliance Imported into your On-Premise vCenter, we can deploy the Hybrid Cloud Data Management plug-in into vCenter.




  • Power On the appliance
  • Find the appliance IP
  • Open the appliance web interface for https://<appliance-ip>
  • Login to the appliance web UI using default password “admin@123”
  • After login in click on

  • Click on Add vCenter


  • Provide the vCenter credentials
  • “Add” to add vCenter


  • Register the vCenter plugin by clicking the “Register button”.
  • For the plugin to be visible within vCenter you will need to logout/login to the vCenter at least 2 times.


At this point configuration of the vCenter is complete. Login to the vCenter you have just configured.


Configure License

Navigate to the Licensing page on the HDM vCenter Plugin


  • HDM plugin can be reached via Menu->HDM
  • On the Licensing Tab click “Add License”
  • Add the license key received by mail.


Configure On-prem vCenter

Now, you are ready to deploy Hybrid Cloud Data Management to your vCloud instance.




  • Click on Administration -> Configuration
  • Choose the cluster we want to install on
  • Click “Install”


  • For vCD choose
  • Resource:- Ultra Lite
  • Deployment:- Cluster or Standalone


  • Complete all the steps to start the deployment.
  • For further details refer to the Hybrid Cloud Data Management Installation Guide section “Deploy HDM On Premise”.
  • This step will take a few minutes to complete. The progress will be shown on the vCenter task bar.



Configure On-Cloud vCloud Director

With the On-Premise deployment complete, we deploy the Hybrid Cloud Data Management to the IBM VMware Shared Cloud instance.


  • Select “Clouds”
  • Followed by “Add Cloud”
  • The Wizard to configure the cloud will pop-up.


  • Choose vCloud Director
  • Add vCD credentials


  • This step might take an hour depending on the configuration chosen and uplink speed.


Now the setup is ready to start migrations.


Perform Migration

During the cold migration, the VM that is being migrated is powered off. After the migration is complete on the cloud, the VM can be powered on.




  • Right click on the VM
  • Select Migrate option
  • The migration wizard appears


  • Complete all the steps


  • The status of the migration will show in the wizard
  • The status of the migration will also be displayed on the vCenter tasks.
  • To migrate multiple VMs and the HDM dashboard please refer the “ HDM Admin Guide”…


The progress of the migration will be visible on the wizard and the vCenter task. After successful migration, the VM is ready for use on the cloud.