PrimaryIO WELCOMES YOU to VMWARE EXPLORE, BARCELONA, 2023 from the IBM Booth (#309)

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We look forward to seeing you at one of the following engagements with us:

“Disruptive Disaster Recovery Platform” Presentation at IBM Booth (#309):

COMPLETED: Tuesday, 7 NOV at 4:15p

Thursday, 9 NOV at 11:30a – 11:45a (CET)

Each IBM Booth presentation is followed by an opportunity to schedule an (in person or virtual) “Deeper Dive into DRaaS and RRaaS” 

COMPLETED: Tuesday, 7 Nov at 4:35p

Thursday, 9 Nov at 11:50a (CET)

Submission and a conversation, earns a chance (10 winners) to win €100 PLUS a SIXTY DAY ProtectIO Platform trial INCLUDING IBM Cloud Pilot Account.

Only ONE more event (chat anytime):

THURSDAY, @11:30 AM, @IBM Booth #309

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