Leveraging Cloud Object Storage feature for immutability, RecoverIO adds ransomware recovery for VMware Workloads to the ProtectIO modernized DRaaS platform
BARCELONA, SPAIN, November 7, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/
PrimaryIO, a global provider of technology supporting the Cloud Journey, today announced the release of RecoverIO delivering resiliency solutions to VMware customers. In an ever-increasing threat landscape, market solutions have been lacking a cloud-native, single pane of glass UI along with an easy to use, lower TCO option. With RecoverIO, organizations now have the capability to recover VMware workloads from any point during a prior date-time window. This enables recovery of workloads prior to a data corruption event such as ransomware encryption. Rather than pay a ransom demand to cyber criminals, RecoverIO customers can recover into supported cloud environments. Upon recovery, organizations can return to a clean data set and fully operational status.


Ransomware isn’t an ‘if’ but rather a ‘when’. Every enterprise will have to deal with it at some point. The question is, how are you
preparing for the inevitable where you are facing ransomware?”
Tim Crawford

luminary host of the CIO in the Know podcast

Leveraging PrimaryIO company DNA in VMware I/O technology, RecoverIO software advances ProtectIO functionality of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) replicating changed data blocks from the customer primary site to IBM Cloud yielding near-zero seconds Recovery Point Objective (RPO). With RecoverIO, replicated blocks are stored in immutable, low-cost Cloud Object Storage, leveraging the Object Lock technology preventing subsequent writes to the data. This prevents any data corruption including ransomware encryption. In the event of a ransomware infection of primary site data, data is recovered into isolated environments including into IBM Cloud Cyber Recovery (ICCR) platform for full analysis to determine the most recent clean version.
“Ransomware protection and recovery is a natural and logical extension to our DRaaS platform, ProtectIO. Instead of costly insurance, it delivers assurance on the ability to quickly and seamlessly recover from a Ransomware attack. Our storage cost advantage coupled with SaaS ease-of-use is an absolute game-changer in the data protection space.” said Mike Kail, CTO of PrimaryIO.
About PrimaryIO
PrimaryIO Inc., the leader in data protection SaaS supporting the Cloud Journey, enables organizations and government entities to discover, migrate, protect, recover and manage their data leveraging IBM Cloud. With the scale and efficiencies of IBM Cloud VPC, PrimaryIO facilitates outcomes for companies to create seamless and protected Cloud-inclusive configurations for VMware workloads and associated data.

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